Tuesday, November 30, 2010

2 Year Anniversary

Yesterday was our two year anniversary, even though Jerid and I both thought it was the 28th. Sunday we were a little bummed that we didn't get to celebrate because we were with my family in Shingle Springs and we didn't want to take away time from them. But... I got a text from my friend Amy yesterday wishing us a happy anniversary so I looked up a 2008 calendar and sure enough, we were both wrong on the date! Jerid still didn't know so after class I rushed out and did a little shopping and picked up our favorite chinese takeout, cleaned the house and had a candle light dinner for the two of us. He was very surprised!

Love you, Jerid! Thanks for a wonderful 2 years!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Our New Addition

8 wk. ultrasound

Jerid and I will soon have a family of three! Well, four, if you're counting our four legged daughter sitting beside me begging me for pizza. We couldn't be more thrilled, or surprised! I'm due May 31st, 2011, and I'm hoping the next 6 months will fly by!

Finding out: Jerid and I had both been in school for about 3 or 4 weeks when we found out. We hadn't talked a word about getting pregnant and I hadn't even thought about when to expect my period because I was going through my first set of tests that held me in constant panic mode. A few days after our week of tests I woke up in the middle of the night to a weird, awful, crazy dream and instantly thought of my girlfriend Laura telling me all her weird pregnancy dreams. I instantly pulled out my calendar and couldn't believe what I saw. I was 12 days late! I took the day to talk myself out of the possibility, but grabbed a test at the store anyway (without saying a word to Jerid). The next morning, I woke up early and decided to take a test. It took less than a millisecond for those lines to show up in a big plus sign. My heart just stopped. I was more in panic than anything. I rushed out of the bathroom to my sleeping husband and screamed.... I'M PREGNANT!! He was dead asleep and thought that I was screaming at him because he was late for class so he leaped up from bed, but saw me standing there with a white face holding the test. He was speechless. The shock took a few days and a few more runs to Rite Aid for more pregnancy tests, but we told our parents right away and are still in disbelief half the time.

Change in Plans: So, I'm due the week of finals for my school and a few days after Jerid ends school next semester. I really wanted to try to work it out so that I could get more nursing pre-reqs in, but after speaking to my Anatomy professor (who just had a baby) she assured me I would be much better off taking the semester off. I'd also have to wear a face mask in two of my classes because of chemicals. That didn't sound too fun to me. Our insurance doesn't have provider coverage in our area so I'm going to be having the baby up at a hospital near my parents house in Sacramento. I'll be moving up there in February for the last 3 1/2 months and Jerid will commute to Monterey a few days a week for classes. The summer will hopefully bring an internship for Jerid, so we may have to be hauling our little newborn across the country for the first three months of her life. After that, we'll head back down to Monterey for the remaining 9 months of Jerids program. So much going on, it's going to be busy!

My pregnancy so far: The last 6 weeks have been pretty awful for me and Jerid. It started with 24 hour nausea for about 4 weeks, then when I got that under control the migraines and acid reflux started. The good news is that I have a ton more energy now that I'm able to eat more than toast! That is a huge blessing! I'm at 12 weeks now and officially out of the first trimester at the end of this week, so I'm hoping for a complete 180! I can do it! I can do it!

I'll be trying as hard as I can to blog everything about my pregnancy. It's such an exciting time in my life and I want to get it all on record! It's always been so much fun to have girlfriends pregnant and watch their lives and their bodies change! Half of that excitement is imagining yourself in their shoes. Now I get to go through it and I'm trying to embrace every minute of it, even if I'm embracing the toilet at the same time! :)

Stay tuned!