Monday, August 23, 2010

Hunger Games

Last night I finished reading "Hunger Games" by Suzanne Collins. (Thanks for the suggestion Dani, and thanks Kelsie for letting me borrow it!) Unfortunately, when I say "finished", I also meant started. Yes, I read it in one day. I hate to admit it, but we left church a little early partly because I COULD NOT stop thinking about getting back to my book! I LOVED IT! What is it about fighting with evil and doing it while trying to figure out who you love as a teenage girl that gets me hooked? I mean, isn't that what Twilight was basically about? Another book that is hard to put down. Although this book is NOTHING like Twilight, it does bring you back to a certain vulnerability of a teenage girl fighting through life with a few handsome boys around. So here's my recommend for the day. Jump onto and grab this book. The best news about it though, is that it's part of a trilogy. I'm not going to start the second book today because today is my first day of school... woot, woot, but I'll be reading it for sure at the end of the week. I'll let you know how it goes :).

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Our little cottage in Monterey

So, I know that I haven't finished all my posts on our middle east adventures, but I just have to cut in and put up pictures of our little cottage in Monterey. We LOVE it! The day we got home from Jordan, my Mom picked us up in San Fran and drove us down to Monterey to look for an apartment. We looked all day with no luck. Everything is sooo expensive and tiny. We were having a really hard time finding anything in our price range that also accepted dogs. We had finally given up and were heading home to Sacramento when my Mom spotted it on the corner of Parcel and David St. It just had a sign in the window FOR RENT. We jumped out and looked inside and saw that it was just darling! I called the number on the paper and the woman who answered said that she had rented it out this morning. DANG IT! I kept talking to her about the yard and how cute it was and that we were having such a hard time finding anything, blah, blah. We talked for about ten minutes when she said... "I don't know why but I just think I'm about to change my mind and rent it to you." YES! I smoozed my way into it and came out the winner! We moved in earlier last week and are loving every minute of it! It's tiny, but perfect!