Tuesday, January 3, 2012

He's a growin' boy!

My little man went through some quick changes.... from eating his first solids to making new sounds and faces! I love every step of the way! He's getting such a fun personality and is such a little social butterfly. He loves attention from strangers, his mom and dad and from the singers in MoTab that I put on the TV while I'm showering. :)

Happy Halloween!

Our little Ax man was a bat for Halloween! He was so cute and so happy to see all the little rascals running around Trunk or Treat at the church. We had a fun time showing him off! He was our little Milk Bat.

Home for the Holidays

We made it home at the end of October. Just in time to find a new apartment, get things settled and head up to Idaho for Thanksgiving. We loved spending time with Jerid's family and letting Axel get to know everyone.

Hanging out with Grandpa Tim

Trying on BSU gear at the airport when we were headed back to Monterey

Finishing up Israel

We had a great time in Israel, but Jerid found a way to finish up his internship from home while getting in a few extra credits on campus in Monterey. We were so glad to be home but so grateful for our experiences in the middle east. Here are a few pictures of the final days.

My cute little Ax went through a redhead phase. What a cute little bum he has!